Why Do I Still Get Viruses When I have Anti-Virus Software?

By Warren Shacklette

I am always being asked "Why am I getting viruses and malware when I have virus protection?" The Answer.  Yes your virus protection IS protecting you but up to a point.

The main problem is that your anti-virus cant protect you from what it does not know.    Your anti-virus may be unaware of a NEW virus because there are many viruses being created on a daily basis by hackers that are just as technically knowledgeable as the creators of the anti-virus trying to protect you.  So in many cases it is simply a matter of bad timing.  Eventually your virus protection can get a fix for the latest virus circulating by having the virus definitions updated.  Unfortunately some people are unlucky because they get the virus BEFORE it has been identified and blocked by their anti-virus program.  This is basically a game of cat and mouse and it is just a fact of surfing the Internet.  So I suggest that you regularly keep your anti-virus up to date and make sure you have your Windows updates current as they also help protect you from “weaknesses” in the Windows operating system.

I know this is not exactly comforting information but at least you can now understand a little that anti-virus is not Fool-Proof and that sometimes it involves a little luck to stay clean of these threats.



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