Why Do Hackers put viruses on my computer?

By Warren Shacklette


Frustrated customers are always asking me-- why are they putting these viruses on my computer? Are they just doing it to be a nuisance?  What do they get out of it?

There are many reasons that hackers (scammers) have for creating viruses and malware and it’s not simply just to be a nuisance, often it’s about influencing and taking control of a computer.  Why? Sometimes it’s more about stealing your personal information and sometimes it’s about tricking you into giving them your credit card information and making a payment to them.  You may think they are helping you but they can sell your personal information to many other scamming organizations and profit.  

Often these scams and viruses are coming out of other countries where law enforcement in our country has very little reach.  They can be located in Third World countries where there is a high poverty level.  It is actually very lucrative for a lot of these scammers to create scams of all types because people believe these scams and are willing to pay them money over and over again.  There are  alot of nice trusting people that are being mis-led into thinking the hackers are from a legitimate organization and that is what hackers prey on.

So remember that hackers are creating malware not just to be a nuisance but to get your money or your personal information to sell to other hackers.  Protect yourself and always be skeptical of anyone coming to you directly on the Internet.

If you feel you have been "hacked/scammed" and need help or a free diagnosis call

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