Should I Turn Off My Computer

By Warren Shacklette

Should I Turn Off My Computer


Im often asked  Should I turn my computer Off at night or when Im not using it? This is one of the most asked questions I have gotten over the 18+ Years.  My answer:  I think that you should definitely turn off the computer at night for several reasons. It lets the computer cool down and resets various Windows settings that may be occupied by previous operations, also it allows many updates to complete and install.

Shutting down helps keeps you from being exploted by hackers that may have some control of your computer.

It generally is good for the system to have time to cool down.

Now I don’t think you should necessarily have to turn off the computer every time you log out.  But if you think you will be off the computer for several hours, it may be a good idea to shut down or you could just put it into (sleep mode) until you want to get back on.  Personally, I leave mine on all day and just turn off at night.


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