Should I Install Windows Updates?

By Warren Shacklette


Microsoft Updates are often a big nuisance.  We all know that updates can interrupt our computer and our lives and make us wait.   Updates are a necessary evil for lack of a better description.  The reason these updates are important is that Microsoft is trying to patch weaknesses in their Windows Operating systems that have been exploited by hackers who want to get your info or reek havoc on your computer.


Updating the Windows OS makes it more secure and is often an ongoing process because of the continual attack by those that are trying to Hack your system.  These hackers are writing new programs even as you read this now, and are from all over the globe.  It is an ongoing war that we will unfortunately probably never see an end.  The incentive for many hackers is that they can make quick money from scamming trusting individuals rather than using their talents for honest work.


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